Seven Critical Steps of Product Marketing


When product marketers know precisely who their product audience is, the marketing can be started. Here are seven phases product marketers should do before, during, and after their product has gone into the market: 

1: Product Research:  

useful and well-made product is not made in a void, and it also isn’t marketed once. In the weeks and months before going to a product launch phase, product marketers collaborate with the product’s developers to perform Q/A to the product both internally and externally via controlled beta environments. 

product marketing

2: Product Story:

Products are also launched in the market in the form of a story. What issue does the product solve? Who’s facing this issue? How does it solve this issueFrom which factor, it gains competitive edge that competitors don’t have in their product? 

3: Product-Focused Content:  

Product marketing’s next phase is the creative mind of the content writer. Here, product marketers can create, make different marketing strategies, blog content, use-case studies, and landing pages on their website. All dedicated to mainly describing the product. 

4: Product Launch Plan:  

The product marketing team is not complete without having a written launch marketing plan, spelling out every process at the last stage of the marketing process, and responsible at specific points. 

5: Product Launch Meeting:  

While the product is launched, everyone who haput their efforts in meets the day it’s rolled out. Same as a rocket launch, this is the product marketer’s final phase. It’s the climax of a product marketing advertisement. 

6: Community Engagement:  

As product marketing can produce enough buzz around the product within the industry, it’s common for the marketing team to capitalize on what feedback the market has about the productincluding reaching out to partners, influencers, and existing clients for compliments. 

Community Engagement

7: Sales Enablement:  

As a product is being prepared for marketing, the sales team is on hold to develop a sales strategy around this new product for the business opportunity. Doing this will ensure the campaigns created for this product are consistent through to the firstever sales call. 

As you increase your marketing team and update product marketing strategy, think about how the factors above might influence and who you’ll have to work with to make it work. Want more information on product marketing? Stay in touch with Dotman Tech. 

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