QCamPro -Mobotix Remote Video Security

QCamPro -Mobotix Remote Video Security

QCamPro is an active remote monitoring application for the control and notification of Mobotix IP Video Cameras. With QCamPro you are in charge of the monitoring.

Many have grappled with the concept of remotely monitoring video cameras or being alerted when activity is detected on a protected site. We all long for a virtual staff member or security officer to notify if there’s a problem or site changes like temperature, power or air quality.

German, Australian, and American (not Chinese) Technology heads partnered together! Providing a Secure real-time live direct connection, input/output automation and live 2-way VoIP event notification of whatever you want to be notified of, controlled, and remote use of technology inherent to Mobotix at your your fingertips!

And of course, “The Security” of direct connection to the camera with no 3rd party and no cloud requirements or software!

In 2013, John Convill, founder of QCamPro, launched his Video Camera app to the marine sector in Florida at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Convill has returned to Australia from the Miami International Boat Show held in February 2014, where he was in contact with top integration partners and Mobotix. Showing how fast the take-up rate can be, QCamPro is now spanning across the globe in 60 different countries.

The reasons why it makes sense right now:

Its live monitoring of events while they are happening, by way of “Event notifications”. Let’s say you have a thermal camera in a doorway and the staff or security guards need to be notified of people entering the building with specific temperatures! QCamPro will make this happen.

MOBOTIX cameras are very intelligent, these “computers with lenses” even have additional applications now for detecting many situations! They also maintain recording based on activity that the end user wants to program the camera for. Mobotix cameras have the ability to advise you by way of a “Push Notification” directly to a smart phone, and by clicking on the notification it takes the customer direct to the camera “live”, with the ability to speak through the QCamPro app provided that the camera has the microphone and speaker option. Opposition services send emails with a photo snapshot of the event, email is known for delayed response!  How’s that for a start?

QCamPro has the ability to remotely talk to loved ones in home isolation through the QCamPro speak function from anywhere in the world, not just isolated because of any virus, but because you would rather have your loved ones in their own home.

How It Works?

It works very much like an alarm system, except you receive a visual ‘push’ notification direct to your IOS or Android device allowing the user live video and two-way voice communication with speaker equipped cameras when an event occurs.

Competitive Edge:

The majority of camera/surveillance systems have their own app that allows you to have a look whenever it suits you. QCamPro also allows you to use this, but the key feature is it ‘notifies you’ when an event occurs.

Multi Point Function:

Rather than have multiple apps for multiple sites, QCamPro has a multi-view option allowing different cameras to be set up in different camera layouts across multiple sites.

Clarity is proud to have been Providing QCamPro to North America for many years. Clarity and QCamPro  will continue to surpass expectations.


Call Clarity at 800-354-4160 today or email us at [email protected] . We are partnered internationally around the globe and we are open seven days a week 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST/EDT. http://claritytg.com/ and https://dotmantech.com .

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